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5 Things to Do Before Booking a Bed and Breakfast

There are certain things about bed and breakfasts or B&Bs that make them a wonderful choice for accommodations. Opportunities to mingle with other guests and personalized services are some of its benefits. Usually, a bed and breakfast is a private home that an individual owns.

This would mean sharing some common rooms and dining with fellow guests. Communication and courtesy are the two things that would make your stay a pleasant experience at B&Bs. So, here are certain things that you must know before you book your stay with a bed and breakfast:

1. Communicate your needs to the host

It’s absolutely necessary that you communicate your expectations and needs before booking your accommodation. Most of the B&Bs offer services and amenities that are specially tailored to suit the needs of their guests. However, the policies of each bed and breakfast can vary. Let your host know about certain dietary restrictions, room preferences, and food allergies that you may have.

If you have any physical disabilities, ask your host if there’s any room accessible for the differently-abled. Ask whether the B&B is child-friendly if you’re traveling with your entire family, including kids. The owners of small properties often welcome the guests personally. So, if you’re planning to book your stay in one of these properties, disclose your arrival and departure times.

If you’re planning a celebration, ask your host about the facilities available for the event. Some of the B&B owners would be happy to accommodate some special requests for the occasion.

2. Know whether you can have your breakfast elsewhere

One of the memorable experiences of a B&B is sharing a home-cooked breakfast with fellow guests. Generally, breakfast is an essential part of a B&B accommodation. Sometimes, you might want to have some privacy or you’ll be in a mood to try something different.

You might feel that you can save on breakfast if you try a local restaurant. The owners of B&Bs can be quite flexible with such requests, but you must let them know in advance.

3. Ask whether your host allows late check-in

Sometimes you may face some unforeseen situations while traveling. Your flight may get delayed, bus may break down, or there might be traffic jams on the way. The B&B owners are always aware of such things. Regardless of this fact, you must ask whether a late check-in is allowed.

If there are any changes in your travel plans, you must inform your host in advance. It’s good to have all the contact details of your B&B before leaving. You can save the phone number and email address of your host on your phone. Having a hard copy of the details would be of great help in certain situations.

4. Tell them if you’re having a pet

Every bed and breakfast has certain rules with regards to pets. Some B&Bs allow only humans. So, if you’re traveling with a pet or pets, let your host know about it. You must also know well in advance whether the B&B is pet-friendly.

5. Ask whether your host can arrange sightseeing trips

Most of the B&Bs have personalized services for their guests. When you’re visiting an unknown destination, you might want to have a sightseeing trip arranged in advance. You can ask your host if he or she can arrange such a trip. In some cases, the owners would take you on sightseeing trips themselves.

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