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5 Outdoor Activities You Can Try in Alabama

You can choose from a variety of popular foods to pamper your taste buds while in Alabama. The cuisine of this southern state varies from one region to another. However, you’ll surely enjoy the delicious offerings that the state has in store for you. Just like many of its southern neighbors, Alabama is well-known for its barbecue.

Besides, you’ll also get the chance to taste several other southern and soul food favorites. Here we’ll take you through a list of gastronomic delights that you can enjoy in this American state:

1. White Barbecue Sauce

Many of the food historians have praised Robert Gibson for inventing the white barbecue sauce. This famous restaurateur of Big Bob Gibson had invented this sauce in the early 20th century. This sauce is a tangy mixture of vinegar, mayonnaise, black pepper, and horseradish. It would truly enhance the taste of your barbecued meat and is something you can’t afford to miss.

2. Fried Green Tomatoes

Fannie Flagg established this dish as Alabama’s staple when she wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. This 1987 novel from the Alabama-born author was later adapted into a major film. Fried Green Tomatoes can be made easily at home. It tastes absolutely delicious when served as a side dish or an appetizer with a remoulade.

3. Pulled Pork

There are many different kinds of meat served in the restaurants and barbecue joints of Alabama. Perhaps the most popular among all is the pulled pork. If you prepare pulled pork the right way, the dish will have a smoky flavor. Pulled pork undoubtedly tastes fabulous with the white barbecue sauce. It’s quite irresistible and simply melts in your mouth.

4. Pecan Pie

Made using pecans, sugar, eggs, butter, and corn syrup, the pecan pie is Alabama’s popular dessert. The soil in this part of the United States is ideal for growing pecan trees. Pecan became the official nut of the state in the late 20th century. So, you can imagine how important this nut is to Alabama’s agriculture.

5. Tomato and Mayo Sandwich

People of Alabama know how to make the most of tomatoes during their peak season. So, they put them in some bread, add mayo, and a lip-smacking meal is ready. You can also add lettuce and bacon to the tomato and mayo sandwich.

6. Fried Catfish

For many of the residents of Alabama, the ray-finned fish have been a good source of protein. They used to eat the dish even before the state’s farmers began raising catfish. It can be prepared in several ways, such as grilling and baking. Frying would be the best way to prepare it since the fish is relatively sturdy and thick.

7. Moon Pies

Over the years, this chocolate-covered cookie has gained a lot of fame in the state. The invention of Moon pies took place in Kentucky. It has become a tradition of sorts these days to throw moon pies during Mobile’s annual Mardi Gras. The city has also been dropping a 600-pound mechanical moon pie since 2008 on New Year’s Eve.

8. Chicken Stew

The origins of chicken stew go back to the days of its invention in Tennessee Valley. It was made by a small group of rural communities residing on the border of Tennessee and Alabama. The community members come together to fill their containers during the stew sales. Today, these events occur regularly in the region.

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